2014 Season Pitching Predictions

The final stats are in and I have looked over League Averages. The ERA in the AL (3.82) is a it’s lowest since 1981 and walks per 9 at their lowest since 1918!!! (thanks Phil Hughes). The ERA in the NL (3.66) is at it’s lowest since 1992 and walks per 9 at their lowest since 1968.

Control Ratings done … ZZs in NL – None (Seth Maness closest to ZZ), AL has Chad Qualls, Phil Hughes, Joakim Soria, Joe Thatcher and Dan Otero (maybe Michael Pineda)

Z cutoffs: NL Z cutoff .0592 AdjBB/AdjTBF – Joaquin Benoit in, Alfredo Simon misses out. AL cutoff .0586 AdjBB/AdjTBF – Brian Matusz in Scott Feldman and Jose Quintana just miss out.

These are initial calculations so I may adjust them.